Administration Department

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Brief History of the Department
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Administration Department

The Administration department is the human resource department of the University and is comprised of three sections namely; Administration; Personnel; Recruitment and training.

The key functions of the department can broadly be described into two areas of general administration and human resource functions for recruitment and training and retention of employees.


In 2014, the department had 53 members of staff.


In 2014, the department recruited 171 members of staff into service of the University, in various cadres. In the same year, 97 members of staff exited from service as follows

Death while in Service                      8

Retirement                                        37

Resignation                                       47

End of Contract                                5

The department successfully completed the negotiations for the 2010-2013 CBA cycle whose key highlight was the payment of salary arrears to staff, backdated to 2010. The department has continued to engage the three unions positively and has commenced engagements for the 2013-2017 cycles.

The department conducted 31 trainings/ seminars for the purpose of competence development.

In 2014, 27 members of staff were granted sabbatical leave, 31 members of staff proceeded on unpaid leave of absence, while 35 members of staff proceeded on study leave and 30 were awarded scholarships under the staff Training and Development Fund. 50 staff members were awarded fee waiver to pursue Masters and PhD studies locally and abroad.

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