Administration Department

Commited to Service Delivery

Labour and Industrial Relations
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  • Enforcement of the recognition agreements
  • Facilitation of the Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs)
  • Administration of the provisions of the CBAs
  • Management of the grievance procedure and staff discipline
  • Attendance of stakeholder Human Resource activities involving the Federation of Kenya Employers, Ministry of Labour and the Industrial Court of Kenya.

Staff Unions

There are three registered trade unions (UASU, UNTESU and KUDHEHIA workers) which negotiate of terms of service on behalf of their members at national and internal levels.  The agreed terms are contained in Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs) which are registered and gazetted as provided by Law.

UASU: Members of staff in teaching serve under the "Terms of Service for Academic, Senior Library and Administrative Staff" in addition to provisions of the CBA. Teaching staff may subscribe and be members of the Nairobi Chapter of Universities Academic Staff Union (UASU).

UNTESU: Members of staff in the Senior Administrative, middle level Technical, Library, Finance, and Catering appointment grades serve under the CBA provisions negotiated by Universities Non-Teaching Staff Union (UNTESU) and staff may subscribe to be members.

KUDHEHIA Workers: Members of staff in Grades I-IV serve under Terms of Service as provided in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), which is negotiated between the University and the trade union, Kenya Union of Domestic, Hotels, Educational Institutions, Hospitals and Allied Union (KUDHEIHA).

Unions also send representatives to accompany their members of staff in disciplinary committees as and when the occasions demand.

Current CBA agreements (link to website)

Terms of Service (Link to intranet)



Mr. Harrison S. Akala