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Sensitization on innovation champions
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Date and time: 
Wed, 2018-02-21 09:15
Location / Venue: 

Old council chambers

Administration department sensitized  members of staff on how to become an innovation champion.  They were informed that a champion is a person who enthusiatically supports, defends and fights for a persons belief, rights and principles.

The champion has a passion to learn and implement the innovation models in impactful outcomes.  Innovation champions identifies the problems and turns them into opportunities.

An innovation champion learns, idenfies and implements the right innovation model for the context and builds up skills by training others on how innovation models, tools and processes works.

The department identified five (5) pertinent areas as their innovative projects namely:-

(1) Develop and implement staff performance appraisal system

(2)Develop and implement a system of rewards and sanctions for performance

(3)Develop and implement a programme for succession planning

(4)Develop and implement a system that guides on staff recruitment and training

(5) Develop and implement a guide on corporate team building

The project owners were identified and the Registrar Administration is the sponsor of all the departmental projects.



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Sat, 2018-12-22 09:15
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Registrar, Administration